"We won’t produce anything we won’t eat ourselves."

Our processing plant

Cap-Lumière, New Brunswick, Canada

Our large (60,000 sq. ft.), modern processing plant is located in Cap-Lumière, New Brunswick, Canada, on the coast of the Northumberland Strait, part of the waters that make up the legendary North Atlantic fishing grounds, home of the best seafood in the world.

Our plant is optimized for efficiency. In our 20 years in business, we have developed techniques and business practices that avoid processing bottlenecks that may cause delays and negatively impact on quality. The choices we make on a daily basis are to ensure the highest quality products possible. That is not negotiable.

We have ensured that our plant is adaptable and flexible to the various fishing seasons. Our plant in Cap-Lumière boasts 1,000 HP in refrigeration capacity. There is definitely no lack of space. When it’s time to fish, it’s time to fish. And when it’s time to fish, it’s time to freeze. The environment and the seasons wait for no one. We’ve built substantial plant refrigeration capacity to guarantee the consistency and reliability what we process.

We conduct daily in-house quality-assurance testing to ensure food safety. You can’t have quality without safety. That’s a given. Independent third-party testing is also carried out on a regular basis.

After processing and testing, we custom package our products to our clients’ specifications and ship them – mostly by truck and sea – to corporate customers throughout North America, Asia and Europe.