"We won’t produce anything we won’t eat ourselves."


Captain Dan’s Seafood relies on the environment for our business. That’s why we’re dedicated to safeguarding it at every opportunity. Without a healthy environment, we could not remain in business.

Sustainable management practices are very important to the future of the fishery. We know that consumers are concerned about the food they eat and demand that harvesting and processing methods be carried out in an environmentally responsible manner.

Government regulations in the waters from which we harvest our products strictly control the fishery to ensure sustainability of our resources. Limits exist in the number of licences, traps, length of fishing seasons, number of fishing days, total allowable catch quotas, lobster carapace size restrictions, etc.

Everything in the environment ends up in the food chain, whether it’s life that roams the land, grows in the earth, flies in the air or lives in the sea. Everything is connected – and our entire commitment to environmental sustainability is built from that starting point.