"We won’t produce anything we won’t eat ourselves."

Fresh Products

Lobster Meat

Fresh daily from Canada’s Atlantic coast, Captain Dan’s Seafood lobster is consistently the best-tasting shellfish in the world and served at some of the most popular restaurant chains in North America. Our delectable lobster is ready to eat, full of rich all-natural flavour and available in a range of portion sizes.

Lobster Tails

The best-tasting lobster in the world comes from the North Atlantic. That’s our neighbourhood. And is there anything more delicious that meaty, juicy lobster tails? All-natural, fresh daily and available in a full range of sizes.

Snow Crab

Sweet, succulent, firm and white as snow. Our snow crab is caught in the wild and 100% fresh and natural. Our snow crab clusters and legs are a favourite of seafood lovers around the world. Quality is what we catch. Quality is what we sell.

Rock Crab

Wild rock crab has a tanned-coloured flesh with a sweet, delicate flavour perfect for crab cakes, sushi and salads. And like all Captain Dan’s Seafood products, our rock crab is all-natural, no preservatives, full of flavour and available in a convenient range of sizes.

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