"We won’t produce anything we won’t eat ourselves."


Customer Service

Captain Dan’s Seafood has the experience, expertise and resources to ship product in a timely, effective manner to customers anywhere in the world. We can customize orders for any customer to suit your needs, including product warehousing throughout North America, split deliveries and a variety of other shipping options that are specific to each customer. When, where and how you need it, we deliver!

Doing business with Captain Dan’s Seafood

Doing business with us is easy. After the initial contact, we will determine your needs and assign a sales representative who will be responsible for our working relationship with you. We don’t believe in simply making sales. We’re in the relationship business. We’re in a relationship with the environment because without a healthy environment, we couldn’t provide the quality you’ve come to expect. We’re in a relationship with our employees and strategic partners (fishers, shippers, etc.) because without them, we wouldn’t have products for our clients.

We’re in a relationship with you, our customer, because you’re the connection between us and the dinner plate where our delicious products will be enjoyed by the consumer.

Everything is connected – from the traps in the water to the fork on the plate.

Our sales representatives are experienced professionals who are eager to serve your needs and work with you to ensure you get what you need, when you need it, and how you need it. We will guide you throughout the entire process. We don’t believe in one-time sales. We believe in long-term relationships. We know that may sound like a cliché, but it’s true.

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